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Client Services

Cardiff Park charges a fixed annual retainer for investment advisory services. Fees are based on an estimate of the time required to support and serve the engagement. Quarterly fees range from $1,200 to $3,000. Some clients with multi-generational and/or other complex financial planning needs pay much higher annual retainer fees. As a gesture of goodwill, some longstanding clients pay lower fees than current standard rates. While all fees are subject to change, we never raise fees without advance discussion and explanation. When establishing quarterly fees, we take into consideration:

Account complexity, including the number of separate accounts, trusts, holdings and time required to convert current positions.

Monthly reporting, including the need for special reports or accounting.

Retirement or near-retirement needs, including financial modeling, mandatory withdrawals and tax-withholding needs to be addressed over several years or more.

Other services, including additional support for funds transfer, processing wire requests, sending checks, updating addresses, re-registering trust accounts, updating beneficiaries, or completing rollover of retirement accounts. We make every effort to include these services in our set monthly fee, but they are not always predictable at the outset.

The following services are included in our fixed quarterly retainer:


Portfolio Design


Portfolio Reporting


Risk Assessment


Performance Reporting


Cash Flow Analysis


Gain/Loss Accounting


Forecasting your future


Asset Allocation Analysis


Asset Allocation


Rebalancing Analysis


Investment Selection


Periodic Tax Related Reporting






Portfolio Management


Administrative Services


Implementation Support


Account Creation


Portfolio Monitoring


Account Transfers


Portfolio Rebalancing




Tax Loss Harvesting


Web-Portal Assistance


Bond Laddering


Cost Basis Management


Implementation Support


Credit Facilities






Block Trading


Other Services


Institutional Index Funds


Roth Conversions


Institutional Bond Markets


Required Minimum Distributions


Retirement Rollovers



Our expertise at Cardiff Park Advisors is in financial planning and investment management. To complement our services, we recommend that our clients consult with independent professionals for estate planning, real estate issues, tax planning, insurance and legal issues. At client request, we will work with these professionals to offer our best financial advice and analysis. Services beyond the scope of portfolio management may incur additional fees.


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We welcome introductory phone conversations to assess your investment needs, determine how we can support your requirements, and provide an estimate of our advisory fees. Specific financial advice or services cannot be provided until our firm is formally engaged. There is no obligation to proceed after this initial meeting. You may reach us by emailing our principal at or calling our office at 760-635-7526.


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