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Getting to Know You

Trust is the core of all good relationships, particularly financial relationships. Fortunately, many prospective clients trust us when they arrive, having heard about Cardiff Park through colleagues, family and friends.

Our first role is to understand who you are and what you’re trying to accomplish. How much have you saved, and where you are in your life cycle? What other assets do you hold outside of investment accounts? When do you want to retire? What are your financial goals between now and then? Financially speaking, what do you hope to accomplish long-term? Do you have special financial requirements for yourself or others? What might be complicating your situation? These questions obviously require honest communication.

An initial call gives prospective clients an opportunity to ask and answer questions. Most people decide quickly if the fit is right. If we choose to work together, we’ll set a fee based on the information you’ve provided, sign a service agreement, and begin the onboarding process. We will request detailed statements about all of your financial holdings and assets, including those that we may not end up managing. For some clients the process of transitioning to our practice is relatively simple, but for others it is quite complex and can take several months or longer. We are diligent about avoiding unnecessary expenses and serving our clients’ best interests during this period.

After transfer of assets is completed, our analysis, modeling and planning can proceed. Here’s where we do a deep dive into your long-term goals and the best way to achieve them. One of the most important discussions we’ll have is about risk, specifically how much is required and how much is comfortable. Read more about "Assessing Your Needs" here.


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