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  • Spooked by Rate Hike,
    Market Volatility and Bond Woes Intensify

    John Gorlow | May 14, 2022

    Stocks saw a sharp pullback in May as the Federal Reserve made it clear that it would aggressively fight inflation by approving the biggest interest rate increase since 2000. The Fed plans to shrink its massive bond holdings, and signaled that it will work to cool the economy and tamp down the fastest rise in prices seen since the early 1980s.

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  • Living With Uncertainty
    Plus Q1 2022 Market Review

    John Gorlow | Apr 21, 2022

    The first quarter of 2022 whiplashed investors, with each day bringing a raft of bad news to process. War erupted, inflation soared, bonds tanked, and supply chains were further stressed as rising oil and gas prices smashed into economic recovery. Extreme volatility was the norm: Occidental Petroleum soared 95% in the quarter, while Meta Platforms, Facebook’s parent company, racked up the biggest single-day loss in history for a US company ($232 billion). If you’re feeling unsettled about the markets, you’re not alone.

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  • Russian Aggression Tests Global
    Economic Resilience Plus February Market Report

    John Gorlow | Mar 22, 2022

    In early 2022, the economic outlook appeared to be improving despite ongoing challenges. While Covid-19 and its variants proved impossible to eradicate, new strains appeared to be less deadly. Job creation and unemployment data were encouraging. Inflation topped the list of concerns for investors as prices continued to rise amid mismatched supply and demand. But everything changed on February 24, when Russia invaded Ukraine, layering an urgent humanitarian and geopolitical crisis on top of a fragile world economy.

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  • Inflation Strikes a Nerve
    Plus January Market Report

    John Gorlow | Feb 18, 2022

    Stocks tumbled in January, posting their largest monthly loss since the beginning of the pandemic. Investors were spooked by unabated inflation, ongoing supply chain issues and semiconductor shortages, and the buildup of Russian military forces around Ukraine. Investors felt threatened on many levels, and the markets reflected that.

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  • Economy Strengthens as Obstacles Multiply
    Plus 2021 Year-End Review

    John Gorlow | Jan 07, 2022
    JohnGorlow_26593 The year 2021 was marked by uncertainty on many fronts. It began with a shocking attempt to overturn an American election, televised live from the nation’s Capitol building. As a new administration entered the White House, investors refocused on the uncertainties of a recovering economy and a COVID-19 pandemic that refused to be quelled. Throughout the year, optimism was often followed by setbacks. Periods of volatility were sparked by new COVID variants, rising inflation, China’s real estate market, soaring government debt, and crowd-sourced investing frenzies. Still, investors who stayed the course benefited from recovery and expansion as the economy gained strength.
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  • The Screws Tighten
    Plus November Market Report

    John Gorlow | Dec 20, 2021

    Investors had plenty to stew over in November. Fed Chair Jerome Powell signaled he would tighten the spigot of easy money pouring into the economy. As for “transitory” inflation, maybe it’s not so transitory after all. Meanwhile, the virus first known as Covid-19 just keeps doing what viruses do, mutating in cunning new ways. Suddenly it feels as though we’re about to step backwards after nearly two years of progress. Here we consider the factors behind rising bearish sentiment and offer advice on how to stay calm during turbulent times.

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  • Equities Rise, Inflation Surges
    Plus October Market Report

    John Gorlow | Nov 15, 2021

    October was a great month for equities. But you might have missed that while frowning at the gas pump, or expressing dismay at grocery prices or restaurant menu pricing. Inflation is on the rise, and that could spell trouble for a recovering economy.

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  • September Swoon
    Plus Q3 Market Report

    John Gorlow | Oct 22, 2021

    Negative news and worrisome trends unsettled global stock markets in September. The Delta variant of the Coronavirus continued to spread, overflowing hospitals in areas with low vaccination rates. Supply chain woes and labor shortages constrained growth by forcing companies in manufacturing and services to operate below capacity. Global energy prices spiked, catching many off-guard. Evergrande, China’s second-largest property developer, wobbled under crushing debt. Meanwhile, word that the Federal Reserve may start to unwind its support of the economy in coming months weighed on investors. Bond yields rose. Inflation persisted and stagflation entered the discussion. Equity markets sank.

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  • Is the Party Over?
    August 2021 Market Report

    John Gorlow | Sep 12, 2021

    For some months now, steadily rising stock prices have felt out of step with our chaotic world. Each day brings new disasters and seemingly intractable problems: fires, floods and hurricanes, global warming, a surging pandemic, bitter political fighting, and humanitarian crises. And yet these events do not seem to weigh heavily on Wall Street. The market shrugs it off and stock prices continue to rise.

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  • The Inflation Chess Game
    Plus July Market Report

    John Gorlow | Aug 12, 2021

    Covid-19 remained the top story in July, with the fast-spreading Delta variant dashing hopes that life might soon return to “normal”. Meanwhile, global warming wreaked havoc across the world. Massive wildfires in the West spewed smoke across much of the United States. Record rainfall across Western Europe caused extensive flooding, destruction and death. Unprecedented heat and drought destroyed crops of summer fruit and produce. Despite these cascading catastrophes, July was a good month for investors.

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